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<p> Hard-nosed, bitch-goddess London fashion editor Lisa Edwards was certain her "fabulous" promotion would mean more A-list parties, society page photos, and jet-setting jaunts to the fall collections. </p> <p> Instead, she's being deported, Prada wardrobe and all, to supremely un-chic Dublin to launch <i>Colleen</i> magazine. Her assistant editor, over-organized world-class worrier Ashling Kennedy, however, is thrilled with her new job . . .until she discovers it comes with a very high price tag: Lisa Edwards. And then there's Ashling's oldest, dearest chum, Clodagh "Princess" Kelly, who seems to have achieved true happily-ever-after suburban fairy tale bliss — but lately has this irresistible urge to kiss a frog. The chances of three such diverse, equally unsatisfied women bonding would be remote anywhere except in staid Dublin town, "the magazine version of Siberia." And once they do, they're going to start shaking things up — in print and out of it — especially when Colleen's rumpled, moody, wickedly attractive head honcho Jack Devine is tossed into the mix. </p>

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Stichworte: englisch, sushi,

Autor: Marian Keyes

ISBN: 0060557257

Erschienen: 2004-04

Ausgabe: Mass Market Paperback

Verlag: HarperTorch

Seiten: 560

Preis: Ab $1.00 bei Amazon (am 19. Februar 2007, 04:25 Uhr)



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